Last week when I was unwell, God asked me: ‘So, you are feeling sick?’

‘Yes’, I said.

God smiled at me and said, ‘You are tired; your time is eternity. Are you ready to come?’

‘Not yet’, I said.

‘Why?’, God asked.

I replied: ‘I still need to teach man about life. Man surprises me a lot’.

‘How?’ asked God

‘As a child he is bored, he rushes to do adult things. Afterwards he wants to be a child again. He loses his sense of good health to become wealthy and afterwards visits hospitals and health spas to become healthy. He is always worrying about yesterday and tomorrow and never about now, the present. He ends up living none of them. He wants to live longer and never to get older. He is always looking for some kind of love, but is never lovable. He is always emphasising what is most valuable in his life, not knowing who is in their lives. He is always comparing himself with others, at the same time forgetting his own identity. He does not understand that he is not the one who has the most; he is actually the one who needs the least. He is always hurting the ones he loves, leaving wounds that never heal. He forgets that, above all this, there is one person who loves him dearly. That’s You, God. You are always there.’

When I was finished, God said, ‘Son, you can stay’.

Swami Shankarananda