All teachers are learned, but not all are enlightened. One who has experienced the turbulences of life, looks to the inner path and comes to guide others through this life’s journey, is enlightened. So is my Divine and Loving Guru, Swami Murugesu. I have treasured a special bond with Swami and always look to him to connect me to my own experience with Mother Gayathri. I experience Swami always in the innermpost part and the outermost part of my being. I truly understand Swami as the Divine Grace of Mother Gayathri.

The Guru Poornima, the full-moon day, is dedicated to the Guru and to His hidden Grace. As Swami Muktananda said in his speech on Poornima in 1980, “When God was distributing the full moon, he gave the most perfect one to the Guru,” I say that when God was distributing the full moon, he could not have found a better recipient for the most perfect moon than Swami. Swami Murugesu is like a light. You can take many lights from it and it will never be affected.

When you want to light something, you must bring it closer to the source. But understand that if the light is to receive the source, it must be prepared properly and be soaked and oiled. The same applies here. The recipient must be prepared for changes and must be prepared to receive. Once this happens, you have given yourself totally at the lotus feet of your Guru.

Our journey in this perishable world is to attain the imperishable.The Guru is the divine foundation upon which stands the disciple’swhole spiritual journey. The seed that is planted by the Guru inthe disciple’s mind needs to be tended all the time, so that it is not polluted by the oceans of desire.

Swami Shankarananda