Love is a vibration requiring time, space and atom. When the development of Divine Love is great, then the evolution of ignorance starts to decrease until it is totally withdrawn. Ignorance is the Maya or darkness that is manifested by you. In the state of Love, atoms embrace each other, moving closer to creation. When this Love is great, then you start to see the light. Once the light is seen, Divine intelligence is perceptible and the power to determine right from wrong is attained.

Loving God is always easy because one cannot have a conflict with God. But loving another being may not be easy due to many reasons, such as conflicting personality differences; or you may perceive the other person as not lovable, they may not love you back, or you might even think they may not be worthy of love. Always remember: it is possible to love all these kinds of people. With all these perceptions, you still, deep down, love yourself; meaning that you care about yourself, forgive yourself and always give yourself a chance to improve. God’s Love and your love for God can only contribute to total Spiritual growth. This transformation enhances your appreciation for life. This also may blossom into the greatness of Divine Love, thus dissolving ‘I-ness’ boundaries opening your awareness to a larger Universe.

Let your love be unconditionally universal. Always find yourself doing something good to and for others. That is true Divine Love. Transform everything in your presence to that love. If you have to endure some pain for the benefit of others, so be it. If you have lunch in your hand and you see someone who has not taken meals for a few days, hand over your lunch. This is serva with love. Love should make this present world go round, not wars and killings.

Swami Shankarananda