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This lineage representation is an extreme simplification of the Kriya Master lineage and it must be understood that the masters shown had many other disciples, and some also had more than one teacher, creating a complicated network of teachers.

Those shown are included merely to show the lineage segment pertaining to Swami Shankarananda.

At the head of the diagram is Lord Shiva and His consort Parvati who introduced Kriya Yoga to Lord Muruga. Lord Muruga taught the discipline to Siddhar Agasthiar who passed it on to Siddhar Boganathar. Both these Siddhas were teachers of Babaji Nagaraj. Siddhar Agasthiar was also the guru of Kanniah Yogi (very little information is available on the life of this Saint).

Kanniah Yogi initiated Gayathri Siddhar Swami Murugesu, who in turn initiated Swami Shankarananda during 1996. Swami Murugesu was also initiated by Swami Sivananda.

The deathless saint, Babaji Nagaraj was the teacher of Lahiri Mahasaya, who initiated Sri Yukteswar into Kriya yoga. Sri Yukteswar was the Guru of Paramahansa Yogananda, who astrally initiated Swami Shankarananda into Kriya.

Babaji also initiated Yogiar Ramaiah into the Kriya disipline, who in turn also initiated Swami Shankarananda during 1999.