Peace, to many people, is virtually impossible. What then is peace? Peace can be attained by many only after everybody on Earth has perished. Then there will be an absence of war, conflict and argument - there will also be no life. The whole world will be a graveyard of blissful silence. Is there any use for such a situation? No. It is worth absolutely nothing - this means war is better - it reinforces the fact that we are alive.

Look at another type of peace: one of a totally different dimension also exists at this moment, when you are alive and energetic. This peace is found by centering yourself in your being, after you have become enlightened: the inner knowledge has acknowledged you. This ignites a flame within your being, dispelling all the darkness or ignorance around you. You will enjoy more of life in the silence found within, not that of the graveyard.

Silence is peace. Silence is very necessary. It belongs to life. Meditation is the key to this silence. Think about the following: Buddha, Mahavira, Jesus and other great beings, all lived in the same world of tension and conflict as we do. Did they have peace? Yes. Mahavira conquered the self, therefore he was called the Great Conqueror. You can become such a conqueror by enjoying the silence, the peace. You are peace, born in peace, so therefore you should live in peace.

You are always in a hurry, in your physical body and your mind. Look around you, at nature, the plants and animals. Do they look like they are in a hurry? No, because they have remained eternal. You have lost your eternal nature. Find it, conquer it and recover that peace.

Why do you go to the church or temple? Don’t you go there to find peace? Yes, you do. But you are unaware that you are at the wrong place for, if peace is being handed out there, are you receptive to it? Come to the temple, go to church - but be receptive first. Many of you come, but it is noticed that you carry problems and are looking for consolation of some kind. Many say ‘Guruji, I have so many problems. I am in much difficulty. My mind is not at peace. Bless me, O Guruji, bless me’. Notice how it is peace-of-mind that is so important for many to attain. Meditate, meditate, meditate - this is the ultimate peace. Follow the teachings on meditation and your mind and body will be at peace.

Swami Shankarananda