One who is blind is always in darkness, but this darkness is not related to sight, in the physical sense. One who is spiritually blind is without spiritual light. One who is ignorant is also in darkness and this darkness is spiritual blindness. Do not at any time be caught in this state of ignorance. Many of you are ignorant by choice. That is to say, selectively ignorant. Ignorance in certain matters does not at any time add to your karma.

Blindness is a state of the mind. Ignorance is also a state of the mind. A physically blind person is seldom ignorant but a materially blind person is always ignorant. Ignorance, so often used to get out of a situation, is one of the greatest elements of maya. When ignorance is totally removed (which is not easy, but possible), then everything becomes perfectly clear and pure, reflecting total love, peace and the light from within. This is being born-again. Maya thereby becomes one within the light. This saves you from the illusion of the world. If maya, or darkness, influences you, you will be spiritually blind. You need to understand your inner Self.

Let liberation be your prime objective in this life. Maya will make you forget your Self, thereby bringing to you suffering for which you may blame God. Commit yourself to God so that you may have relief from negativity.
Swami Shankarananda