Accommodation costs are included.
Most hotels are 2 to 4 star, depending on area and availability.
Costs include a shared room (2-4 people depending on room size).
If a single room is required, the extra cost will be at your own expense.

Hotel rooms are quite comfortable and most have air-conditioning
and a clean toilet, bath and/or shower.

Some hotels have internet access and most have a laundry service.
Costs of these are not included and must be paid for separately by each traveler.

The images above are photos taken from previous tours with Swami
and show examples of the standard of accommodation.

A daily vegetarian breakfast and supper are included and are generally had at each hotel.
These are ordered beforehand by Swami Shankarananda who has the best experience in which foods are most nutritious and tasty. Lunch is usually had 'on the road' at a small local restaurant or tea-house and is at the expense of each individual.
On these occasions, Swami will be quite happy to make suggestions on
what is best to eat (or not to eat).

Please do not drink water directly from any tap at the hotels or restaurants.
A bottle of mineral water is supplied to each person daily.