Understand that this is the time to heal - also know this to be possible. You need only to go into inner discovery. By this inner discovery you will cultivate unconditional universal love, peace within, joy of the fullest, faith of the self (body, mind and circumstance). There is a Hebrew proverb that reads: ‘The consciousness of God’s presence is the first principle of religion’. Know that the mind is the greatest organiser for the self - perception, reflection, thought and reasoning are the factors of mind. If your thinking is irrational, then your journey will also become irrational. Therefore, train, train, train your mind and become a rational thinker as this will assist you in becoming calm, peaceful and spiritual. But make sure you do this in a practical manner. What did Kabir say? ‘Perform your duties with your hands, let your heart be with God.’

Get initiated, increase your intuition. After you have increased your intuition, knowledge is easy to attain, for intuition is the source of direct knowledge. This helps you control your irrational emotions. Know that emotions are not objective responses. Since all emotions grow from thoughts and perceptions, they are subjective and subject to change. TO avoid this, firmly anchor yourself, with intuition, in Self-knowledge and attain heightened states of peace. Only then can you accurately observe thoughts, memories, feelings and false happiness and thus transcend them without passionate objectives. Reject anything that is sad, hopeless, dispassionate and disheartening. Remember that you are always a spiritual being, therefore you are superior to every thing around you, including your emotions (thoughts and feelings). In the words of Master Paramhansa Yogananda: ‘If you sometimes fail to accomplish your purpose, don’t be discouraged. That is the best time to sow the seeds of success. In everything that you do, express your limitless soul qualities’; and Swami Sri Sri Yukteswar said: ‘Human conduct is unreliable until anchored in the Divine. If you perform right actions now, everything in the future will improve’.

To enjoy good health in body, mind, emotion, goals, finances and spiritual growth, you need to, with help, truly and divinely follow a healthy lifestyle that will help nurture your total well-being. This means wholesome living or Holysome Living. Again, meditation is important to calm the mind and render your awareness clear. Study the scriptures and higher realities.

A great Buddhist, Pali Canon, once said: ‘This is the noble eightfold path: right views, right aspirations, right speech, right conduct, right livelihood, right endeavour, right mindfulness and right contemplation. This noble eightfold path is not the easiest to follow, but know this to be a possible venture, just by making a change. If your personal relationships are not beneficial or wholesomely divine, being based on negative emotions, attachments based on dependency or convenience, or if you are misguided because of your obligations to relationships, immediately renounce, reject or refute them. Your relationships must be ideal, empowering ones which are both socially and spiritually enhanced. A good and divine relationship can improve your mental attitudes, giving you divine behaviour and habits in order to attract divinely enhanced events.

Swami Shankarananda