with Swami Shankarananda

Cost R2000.00 per person
(50% deposit required

includes comprehensive instruction and demonstration on Gemstone Chakra Healing, Gemstone Mandala Healing, Pranic Crystal Healing and Wandmaking, certificate, vegetarian lunch and a crystal Toolkit containing all necessary stones and wand-making implements.

Maximum 8 participants, so book early.
Please contact us to host or attend this workshop.

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Below are comments from past workshops participants

"This has been an amazing experience for me personally. It has truly intensified my working with crystals as a healer. The knowledge that I have gained now has truly given me a much stronger background of knowledge. Much new information that I gained doing this course has made me wiser and given me a deeper understanding of how to work with crystals in many more ways. The extra information has been truly a Godsend and I am very blessed to have been given the opportunity to experience this special course. Thank you very much and I look forward to doing many more courses with Swami in the future."

"A wonderful learning experience, very comprehensive. A variety of useful tools have been shown to us to use for healing. Of specific interest were the topics of mandalas/yantras and wandmaking, as well as pranic healing. personally, I would enjoy to become more involved i the incorporation of yantras and crystals and learn more about this. Thank you."

"A wonderful and very enlightening course - thank you!. The 'hands-on' approach is very effective as we as healers have also 'experienced' instead of only 'learning and seeing'. I have gained great knowledge and insight into the world of stones and look forward to learning even more as I start using the techniques and information I have gathered in the workshop."

"Thank you for the blessing of coming into my life. I am going to work with children i the near future and I know the children would just love a crystal workshop. I work with colour oils and angel sprays so the crystals just compliment the oils and sprays. I feel happy, at peace and I can touch so many more people's lives with the crystals. I feel like I have found my rainbow and now all I have to do is run through it."

"I am a Reiki practitioner and decided to do the crystal healing course to experience and generally expand my knowledge in the healing sphere. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I found it interesting and Swami informative. I felt an immediate physical response to the stones and was able to connect both to the stones - to the 'client' on whom we practiced. I have no doubt that I will be using the technique and feel that I will experience growth within myself and my healing work. Thank You. Hari Om."

"... I enjoyed the fact that Guru was able to teach us from astral knowledge every moment. This gave us our understanding that we need at this point in our lives, for each individual."

"Guru's teaching is pleasant and overwhelming. I had a most enjoyable experience and hope to take my knowledge further into practice. Thank you very much for Guru's time and energy."

"The manual and wand-making kit were very nice and fun to work with. I could interact and ask questions without any doubt or confusion. Interactive placement of gemstones allowed us to get a reality of what we were listening to and reading."

"It has been a great privilege to have spent these days with Guru. I have learned so much and will treasure what he has taught us today and yesterday. There is so much to learn from Guru. Please accept my gratitude. I will go back home inspired and enriched in every way, and having experienced a life-changing weekend."

"The workshop was far more than I ever expected. I not only learned so much about crystals, I learned even more about myself. I felt I received answers I've been looking for and feel much more at peace with myself. Also so great to meet Guru and experience how amazing he is but yet how down to earth he is as well. All in all, I feel really honoured to have been able to experience this workshop. For me it has been life-changing."

"Most enjoyable, informative, educational and enlightening. In fact, an awe-inspiring journey I have had the privilege to be part of in a long time. Many, many thanks to you Guruji."

"I attended this workshop because I had a desire to learn more about the mystery of crystals. I believe that the workshop provided me with sufficient practical information with clear explanations of methodology and reasons for these. The solid groundwork has been laid."