Immortal Beloved,

It is my purpose to give you the tools to remember your own divinity, to light your own inner fire. When you want to light something, you must bring it closer to the source, but understand, that if the light is to receive the source, it must be prepared properly and be soaked and oiled. The same applies here. The recipient must be prepared for changes and must be prepared to receive the greatest Light.

Our lives are bound together by the universal law of Karma. This bondage does not affect humans only, but also plant life, animals and minerals. This fact makes our world a giant house with a large family and, like all families, ongoing complications are a regular occurrence. As long as we are all relatives in this large Earthly family, we will be subject to the law of relativity. This is the scientific and logical law of karma which can cause us pain, but which helps and builds us to understand the effect of our actions, developing the soul by teaching us love and upliftment, and aiding in our eventual spiritual maturity.


Swami Shankarananda